Brookside, Swan, Terrace Lounge, and Terrace

Country Club Casual – Sportswear, collared shirts, or turtlenecks for men, dress slacks, walking, or Bermuda style shorts. Mock Neck shirts are permitted and it is preferred that they be worn with a Sport coat. Sport coats are optional. Shirts are to be tucked in unless the shirt is designed to be worn outside the pants, such as a camp shirt, with a straight hem.

Appropriate attire from women, young women and girls.

Children six (6) years of age and older must adhere to the adult dress code. Tee shirts with minimal logos or graphics may be worn by children under six (6) years of age but must be tucked in.

Prohibited Attire – Denim (any style), cut-off shorts, tank tops, halter tops, swim wear, "short" shorts, tee shirts, sweat suits, and bare feet.

Golf spikes and hats are not permitted to be worn on the main floor of the Clubhouse at any time.  However, golf spikes and hats are permitted on the Terrace.

Pub Room and Clubhouse Lower Level

Casual Attire- consists of, at minimum, sportswear that is acceptable for all golf and tennis activities at the Club.  Gentleman may wear untucked shirts, which are designed to be worn untucked.  Neatly tailored blue jeans may be worn in casual attire venues.  Jeans that are frayed, torn, or bleached are not permitted.  Members are reminded to use the utmost discretion in regard to denim.  Hats visors and caps are allowed to be worn but only with the bill in front.

Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort level of fellow Members when making casual attire dress code decisions.

Golf Course and Practice Area

Each player must be properly dressed in appropriate golf attire. Women's shirts must have either sleeves or a collar. Men's shirts must have sleeves and a collar (mock collar is permitted) and be tucked in. Shorts are permitted providing they are not more than 3" above the knee. Soft spikes are required.

Prohibited Attire – Tee shirts, tank tops, denim, cargo shorts or pants, cut-offs, sweat suits, swim wear and sandals.

Tennis Courts and Tennis Area

Smooth-soled shoes, collared shirts for men and appropriate tennis attire. Shirts are to be tucked in.

Prohibited Attire – Denim (any style), cut-off shorts, swim wear, tee shirts.

Swimming Pool and Pool Area

Only bathing attire permitted in the pool - swimsuits only

Prohibited Attire – Denim (any style), attire deemed to be offensive by management