Group Swim Lessons

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Private Swim Lessons

Private Lessons are a unique, convenient, and powerful way to learn skills at any level. Lessons are available for all members (children older than 2 years of age) and can be arranged at any time during the day with any lifeguard, manager, or coach of your choice; however, if choosing a lifeguard or coach, they must be off-duty for the lesson to take place.  Private lessons may take place before the Pool opens (before Noon) or on a lifeguard's day-off from work during operational pool hours (please check the Pool Office for Lifeguard schedules). Lessons may also be arranged with our Pool Manager, Reilly King at any time during any day based on availability (please refer to the Swim Team training and meet schedules in regards to lesson constraints).

There will be two types of private swim lessons offered: General and Advanced.

The general private lesson will focus on whatever skill level you would like to have reviewed and/or taught by the lifeguard/manager. The general private lesson will cost $40 for a 45 minute lesson and can be arranged at any time (simply call the Pool Office the morning or day before your desired lesson to set it up, email Reilly at, or schedule a time with a lifeguard/manager of your choice when at the pool)!

The advanced private lesson will be run by managers and will involve intensive technical instruction from our combined 25 years of coaching experience! Lessons may include video-taping (stroke analysis), in-the-water modeling of skills, and stroke study of Olympic swimmers pending the skill to be developed. Based on the intensity of information to be reviewed and applied, it is recommended to schedule an advanced lesson for one specific stroke at a time. Advanced private lessons will cost $60 for each hour-long session. Schedule 3 Advanced Private Lessons and get the 4th Advanced Private Lesson free (to cover all four competitive strokes)! Please email Reilly King directly at or call the Pool Office (during seasonal hours) to schedule the Advanced Private Lesson(s).